Non-Surgical Alternatives to Plastic Surgery

Many think plastic surgery is the only option to improve or enhance their appearance. However, there are non-surgical and minimally invasive alternatives to going under the knife.

4Ever Young Anti-aging Solutions is a great place to find non-surgical cosmetic procedures that can help you address your cosmetic concerns. Below are some of the most popular procedures and treatments at 4Ever Young.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal filler injections are among the most common procedures patients seek. These minimally invasive treatments are an excellent cosmetic solution for enhancing certain facial features and restoring volume to your face.

Here are some of the facial features that benefit most from dermal fillers:

  • Chin: If you have mild or moderate chin retrusion (“weak chin”), dermal fillers are a great solution.
  • Cheeks: Soft tissue fillers can enhance or restore volume to sunken cheeks. They can also provide cheekbone enhancement for a more contoured facial appearance.
  • Lips: These injectables are an incredibly popular and successful treatment for fuller, more plump lips.

Types of Dermal Fillers

Restylane is a brand of hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers. The hyaluronic acid (HA) in these dermal filler injections plumps the skin and adds volume, making your features appear fuller or more contoured.

Juvéderm is another brand of gel-form HA and achieves similar cosmetic goals. For example, Juvéderm dermal fillers can add fullness to cheeks that have sunken or lost volume with age.

Both lines of fillers are FDA-approved and absorbable, meaning the body breaks these substances down over time (actual time depends on the individual and product used).

Botox Injections

Another excellent cosmetic treatment option that is available is Botox. Botox injectables work to smooth fine lines and firm, sagging skin.

This injectable wrinkle relaxer blocks certain nerve impulses and limits the activity of overactive facial muscles, such as the forehead, brow, and cheeks. The results are smoother and younger-looking skin.

Vitamin Infusions and Injectables

Sometimes all your body needs is a boost of vitamins. 4Ever Young offers exclusive minimally invasive vitamin infusions and injectables to help patients feel and look energized.

Our medical professionals have developed innovative vitamin blends available in IV infusions or injectables, depending on each patient’s unique needs.

Custom Facials

Our custom facials are tailored to your skin’s specific concerns, including serums, moisturizers, and masks that will produce the best results according to your skin type.

The dedicated support staff at 4Ever Young can assess your skin and determine what you need in your customized facial to refine your appearance and restore your natural glow.

Dermal Fillers in Wellington, FL

Do you want healthier, younger-looking skin without complicated plastic surgeries and long recovery periods?

4Ever Young Anti-aging Solutions in Wellington offers a wide array of no-knife Anti-aging skin treatments to help you achieve the cosmetic results you want without any recovery or downtime.

Our aesthetic medical professionals are trained at providing injectable options like dermal fillers, Botox, and vitamins, as well as other beauty treatment options like custom facials to rejuvenate your skin and contour your facial features.

If you want new and improved skin using non-surgical alternatives to plastic surgery, give us a call today to ask questions or schedule your consultation.