Dermaplaning microabrasion is a safe, non-invasive procedure using a special blade and can be performed as a stand-alone manual microdermabrasion. It promotes smoother skin, and removes fine hairs to leave your skin looking flawless.

The procedure is also specifically used to minimize fine lines and enhance the effectiveness of other skin care treatments such as facials and chemical peels by removing dead skin cells, thus providing deeper product penetration.


If you think dermaplaning might be right for you, our aestheticians will examine your skin tone and texture at a free consultation to confirm that it’s a good fit for your needs. We’ll also address other skin concerns with synergistic treatments that can improve your overall appearance. Since no cosmetic regimen is “one-size-fits-all,” we approach every patient with a customized plan to reach your specific goals.


Does dermaplaning hurt or are there any dermaplaning side effects?

No, dermaplaning is gentle and completely painless.

How long does dermaplaning take?

As a stand-alone treatment, dermaplaning will only take about 20 minutes. It’s typically coupled with other treatments, like a facial and a peel, that may take longer.

How much downtime should I expect after treatment?

The beauty of dermaplaning is the lack of downtime! You can walk out of the door with smoother skin without irritation or recovery time.

How often should I come in for dermaplaning?

Since it’s so gentle, dermaplaning can be done as often as you get a facial. Because it helps other products penetrate skin more effectively, it can be a powerful addition to your skincare regimen. We recommend once a month or every 4-6 weeks.

What other services should I consider to enhance the results of dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning goes with everything! Pair it with chemical peels to enhance exfoliation. Pair it with a facial to help products absorb better. Pair it with fillers to give your newly plumped skin a smoother texture. Our patient educators will help you create the ideal combination of treatments to help you look fabulous.

* Individual Results May Vary & Are Not Guaranteed

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