Let Bioidentical Hormone Doctors in Boca Help You End Hot Flashes

The older you get, the more likely you are to feel the adverse effects of hormone imbalances in the body. Everything from fatigue to excess fat in the midsection can be signs that your body is losing estrogen and other crucial hormones.

For women going through menopause, hot flashes are just one of the hallmarks of this normal phase of life for women. While menopause is unavoidable, many of the symptoms we associate with it are not.

Numerous studies show that women who use hormone therapy under the care of a qualified doctor can protect their skin, hair, and even their health as compared to women who let menopause run its course uninterrupted.

Just by controlling hot flashes, you can eliminate fatigue and prevent unnecessary insomnia. If you have already woken up several times a night in a pool of sweat, or if you have suddenly found yourself in your own personal heat wave, you can draw the line now.

Without the assistance of bioidentical hormone doctors in Boca, hot flashes alone can be disruptive both personally and professionally. With bioidentical hormone therapy, you can put a stop to many symptoms of menopause while restoring a more youthful feeling to your life overall.

Why Should Menopausal Women Use Hormonal Therapy in Boca?

Whether you are hitting the right age for menopause or if you have recently gone through a hysterectomy, your body is shutting down the reproductive systems. Hormone levels drop, and the severity of symptoms varies among women.

Estrogen and progesterone are critical in thickening the uterus and preparing it to hold the egg. As you age, your eggs become less viable yearly as hormone levels gradually drop. Once you reach menopause, you no longer need these hormones to protect eggs.

What some women don't realize is that these hormones also play a role in keeping your bones healthy, maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, and protecting your vagina from infections and painful dryness.

Hot flashes are just one of the outward manifestations. If you discuss hormonal therapy with a doctor in Boca, you may not know quite what to expect. Most women who come in have no medical expertise.

They just want to look and feel better, and they worry about what will happen to their bodies if they don’t do something now. With the introduction of bioidentical hormones, more women are starting their treatment today.

With hormones that mimic the appearance of your body’s hormones more closely, patients continue to report faster and higher quality relief from hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, fat buildup, and more.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for Hormonal Therapy in Boca?

Most women make their first appointment with bioidentical hormone doctors in Boca when they experience hot flashes and other signs of menopause. This sudden accumulation of symptoms all at once makes women who haven’t considered hormone replacement scramble for a solution. You can act earlier, though.

If you feel dissatisfied with the way you feel or if you are having trouble maintaining your ideal weight, even if you are not experiencing hot flashes yet, take a preemptive strike. Women can begin hormone therapy as early as their late 20’s if they want to feel healthier and more vibrant.

For women who didn't have the benefit of bioidentical hormones during those early years, though, it's not too late. Bioidentical hormone therapy can help women throughout their adult years. Whenever you start, expect more.

If you have been overwhelmed by hot flashes, you can find relief with bioidentical hormone therapy, but that is just the beginning. A growing number of women seek hormone therapy for everything from better sex to a natural glow for their skin. To see the difference for yourself, just schedule your appointment to visit a hormone specialist today.