Why Testosterone Levels are Important to Men

Testosterone is an essential hormone that plays a vital role in nearly every aspect of a man's body. It also aids the body in developing proteins that affect practically every bodily function. A male begins to produce testosterone as early as seven weeks old.

Testosterone levels rise when the male reaches puberty, then peak in the late teen years, when they start to level off. Then, once a man reaches 30, the testosterone levels start to decrease a little every year.

Once the decline in testosterone begins to take place. Men may experience symptoms like low energy, low sex drive, weight gain, and memory loss. At 4Ever Young, we can help you safely restore your testosterone levels.

Key Testosterone Functions

Testosterone levels affect most bodily systems in men as well as play a role in certain behaviors. To get a better idea of why it's important to manage your testosterone levels below is a detailed look at each system and bodily functions that testosterone affects.

  • Endocrine System

    The endocrine system is made up of glands that produce the testosterone hormone. It's in this system where testosterone develops the male attributes like a deeper voice, body hair, muscle mass, and sex drive.

  • Central Nervous System

    The central nervous system's job is to control how much testosterone will be released into the bloodstream. If not enough testosterone is released, this could affect a man's behaviors, including aggression and dominance.

    Low testosterone could result in low self-esteem, loss of concentration, and lack of energy.

  • Reproductive System

    The testosterone in the reproductive system develops the male genitals and produces a steady supply of sperm to the testicles. A man with low testosterone levels may experience what is referred to as erectile dysfunction (ED).

  • Skin and Hair Testosterone - is responsible for a man's transition into adulthood, including hair growth on the face, genitals, legs, chest, and armpits. When he is experiencing low levels of testosterone, a man may start to lose some of his body hair.

  • Muscle, Fat, and Bone

    There are many factors occupied in the development of muscle and strength. However, testosterone plays a vital role in this process; it increases the neurotransmitters that encourage tissue growth.

    Testosterone also interacts with nuclear receptors in DNA, increasing levels of the growth hormone and making it possible for men to build muscle through exercise.

    Testosterone is also essential in increasing bone density by relaying a message to the bone marrow to make red blood cells. This is why men with low levels of testosterone are prone to bone fractures.

    Testosterone is also important for fat metabolism; low testosterone levels can cause an increase in body fat.

  • Cardiovascular System The cardiovascular system permits blood to circulate and transport testosterone and other nutrients to and from cells in the body. This is why all men should have a blood test each year to check testosterone levels.

    As you can see, testosterone plays a prominent role in a man’s life. Unfortunately, in the natural aging process, it starts to decrease, resulting in some not-so-pleasant side effects. Unlike our predecessors, today's man can replenish their lost testosterone through therapy.

Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone Therapy is an effective option for men experiencing low testosterone levels. Testosterone therapy is responsible for developing proteins in human cells, with amazing results. Our patients in Boca Raton report the following improvements

      • More Energy
      • Improved Memory
      • Improved Sex Drive
      • Heightened Red Blood Cell Count

Our professional staff at 4Ever Young are experts in the field of hormone treatment. With us, you will receive the proper monitoring and execution needed to be successful in feeling better after just a few weeks of treatment.

Our male patients are finding that with testosterone therapy, they can have a better quality of life. If you can relate to any of the information above, it's time for you to get your testosterone levels checked and talk to our medical professionals about a treatment customized for you.

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