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Restore Youthful Appearance with a Non-invasive Facelift in Wellington, FL!

Non-Invasive Facelift Wellington FL Our skin tends to thin and sag as we age. It’s a stubborn problem that everyone deals with eventually. Additionally, gravity works against some parts of the face all the time. Until recently, the only procedure that could do is a surgical facelift. Not only is surgical facelift expensive, but it also has more risks and more downtime. Fortunately, there are non-invasive ways to achieve slim, chiseled faces and great-looking skin! Head on over to our Wellington clinic for a non-invasive facelift!
Look and feel your best with non-invasive facelift from 4Ever Young in Wellington FL!

What is a Non-Invasive Facelift?

The non-invasive facelift helps you look younger by eliminating signs of aging on the face. It helps lift the skin, fills in lost facial volume, and improves the appearance of lines and wrinkles on your face. Our Wellington clinic's non-invasive facelift procedures are safe and effective, providing you with smoother, firmer, and younger-looking skin without falling under the knife. We offer different facial treatments and techniques to eliminate sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles to give you a more youthful appearance. A non-invasive facelift has significant Anti-aging effects! You will look younger and more confident after this procedure.

How do Different Procedures in a Non-Invasive Facelift Work?

We offer a non-invasive facelift, which combines different treatments, available at 4Ever Young Anti-aging Clinic and Medical Spa in Wellington, FL, to address various skin concerns.
  • Botox® and Dysport® - Our Wellington clinic offers Botox and Dysport to treat facial wrinkles. This treatment will smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, giving your face a younger appearance.
  • Dermal Fillers - We offer high-quality dermal fillers such as Juvederm®, Restylane®, and Sculptra®. You can use these dermal fillers to fill in hollowed-out areas of your face or volume loss due to aging. Dermal fillers are an excellent non-invasive facelift treatment to sculpt and contour the jawline, cheeks, chin, and lips, providing a more supple and fuller appearance.
  • Double Chin Removal with Kybella® - Kybella is a great non-invasive solution for double chin removal. It is designed to contour the area below the chin by destroying fat deposits without the need for surgery.
  • Microneedling - Rejuvenate the skin with Microneedling! This procedure reduces lines, fades scars, tightens skin, and minimizes pores while increasing collagen production.
  • Dermaplaning - Dermaplaning is a non-invasive, safe procedure that removes dead skin cells and deep-seated dirt on the topmost layer of the skin. This non-invasive treatment can be used independently or in conjunction with other therapies.
  • HydraFacial - Another popular non-invasive treatment is Hydrafacial MD Elite. It is a gentle three-step system that removes dead skin cells and impurities while simultaneously depositing potent serums.
  • Chemical Peels - Our Wellington clinic offers chemical peels to exfoliate and extract impurities from the skin, revealing a clearer, more luminous, and healthier skin.

Why You Should Try Non-Invasive Facelift in Wellington, FL!

Non-invasive facelift treatments are great Anti-aging options for all ages! Here are the reasons why you should try it!
      • Helps Improve Skin Elasticity - Our non-invasive procedures stimulate collagen production, providing you with a natural-looking lift and firmer skin.
      • Reduces Signs of Aging on the Face - Help reduce signs of aging on the face, making it an excellent Anti-aging procedure for all ages. Over time, you may notice reduced fine and deeper lines and wrinkles after the procedure, giving you a more youthful appearance.
      • Lifts the Skin and Lessens Sagging - Our non-invasive facelift helps tighten the skin, reduce sagginess in stubborn areas such as the jawline and cheek, and restore lost volume caused by aging.
      • No Downtime - Our non-invasive facelift is a gentle procedure that requires no downtime! You can even do it during your lunch hour and apply make-up right after the treatment.
      • Affordable - The cost of surgical facelifts is higher than non-invasive facelifts. You can save thousands of dollars.
      • Safe and has Far Fewer Risks - Compared with a surgical facelift, non-invasive facelifts are generally much safer! There is a decreased risk of side effects, complications, or infections.

How Long Do The Effects Of a Non-Invasive Facelift Last?

Non-Invasive Facelift Wellington FLDepending on the non-invasive facelift treatment, results are almost immediate, while some treatments have visible effects in a few weeks. Of course, the results of each treatment are not the same for all patients. Our non-invasive facelift will result in brighter, clearer, tighter, and younger-looking skin. With time, you will experience continued improvement in your skin as collagen is naturally produced, giving you firmer skin and reduced fine lines and wrinkles. However, having a great skincare routine is essential to maintain the fantastic results of a non-invasive facelift. Our specialists at the Wellington clinic will be able to help you with post-treatment care. We will also guide you with a great skincare routine and healthy lifestyle to further maximize the effects of our non-invasive facelift.

Get Almost Instant Gratification with Non-invasive Facelift in Wellington, FL!

If you are looking for a non-surgical solution to lift the face, look no further! 4Ever Young Anti-aging Solutions in Wellington clinic offers various non-invasive facelift treatments to give you the skin you’ve always desired! Contact 4Ever Young Anti-aging Solutions in Wellington, FL, today at (561) 220-3771 for a consultation and take that first step to look and feel your best!
By Paul Goldberg, MD | October 6th, 2022