Menopause Treatment: Your Changing Body: Is it Menopause?

Discover how a Menopause Treatment in Wellington can ease away the Symptoms of Menopause.

Menopause Treatment Wellington FL

Everybody is unique, but most of the time, more than men, women tend to feel a lot of things because of how complex the female body is.

With the ever-changing hormones and the continual menstrual cycle, women’s bodies are almost always linked with pain.

Menopause treatment is known to relieve and even remove the symptoms of menopause. It can be extremely frustrating to experience discomfort and pain in our bodies, especially when you don’t understand what it is and why it is happening.

Debilitating symptoms are easily recognized because of their intensity. When the pain is severe, a person will most likely have it checked by a doctor the soonest. But when there is only discomfort and tolerable pain, often, it is left alone with no examination and treatment from a medical professional.

It is crucial to know your body well. If you are experiencing new and unfamiliar symptoms, it is best to have them checked. But even before deciding to go for a trip to the clinic, there are ways to know if what you are feeling are already symptoms of menopause:

Is What you are Feeling a Symptom of Menopause?

Feeling stressed, depressed, and constantly uncomfortable? Menopausal symptoms can exhibit uniquely for each person. Most of the time, the symptoms are consistent and can extend for a long period of time. Hormones play a huge role in one’s body, so when it fluctuates and starts to decline, our bodies get impacted significantly.

Are you suspecting that you or someone you know might be experiencing menopausal symptoms? Read on:

  1. It can be menopause if your period has become irregular

    Do you get your period regularly every month? If you have a regular period, then you suddenly experience a change in your cycle, along with other hormonal-related signs, and you may be experiencing a menopausal symptom.

  2. It can be menopause if you are experiencing hot flashes

    Hot flashes are probably the most famous symptom of menopause. It is when you suddenly experience a hot feeling across your body, mainly in the upper extremity. Hot flash screams menopause, so if you have this, it can be due to your hormones declining as you enter the menopausal stage.

  3. It can be menopause if you are experiencing chills or night sweats

    Chills and night sweats can be an effect of menopause or perimenopause. If you haven’t been sleeping soundly for a significant and prolonged period due to these symptoms, it is possible that your hormones are changing due to menopause.

  4. It can be menopause if there are mood changes

    Changes in one’s mental health are often linked to hormones. If you have menopausal symptoms, you can experience mood changes, irritability, anxiety, and even depression.

  5. It can be menopause if you have been gaining weight

    Hormonal imbalance can cause a slowed metabolism. This shift in hormones can make a person gain weight without exerting much effort. If you are unsure why you seem to have been gaining weight effortlessly, your metabolism might have slowed.

Understanding Perimenopause

Many people are not familiar with perimenopause. When we think of menopause, we associate it with older women who are already in their later years. What most women and men don’t know is that there is what we call perimenopause. This refers to the transition that happens before a woman’s menstrual cycle completely stops.

Perimenopause can occur years before the actual menopause happens. This means that some women might experience symptoms as early as 30 to around 40 years of age, lasting from 4 to 8 years. Perimenopause signals the body to start with the natural transition to the cessation of a woman’s reproductive capability.

During this time, a woman can feel a little to a lot of menopausal-related symptoms. It is important for everyone to recognize these signs to manage them better and even treat them completely, especially since these symptoms can both be felt physically and mentally.

There are several benefits of the treatment, including the relief of hot flashes, prevention of osteoporosis, and a reduction in the risk of heart disease.

What is Menopause Treatment?

Menopause treatment has been developed to address the age-related hormonal decline. This treatment is a medically-supervised procedure that addresses hormonal symptoms by reversing the effects of having an imbalance or low estrogen levels.

This is a holistic approach involving hormonal replacement therapy coupled with changes in lifestyle, such as stress management, sleep improvement, exercise, and a healthy diet.

Here are the benefits of the treatment:

  • Improves libido – although menopausal women can still enjoy sexual intercourse, there can be hurdles, such as pain due to vaginal dryness and lower libido. Treating the imbalance in your hormones will help you have an increased libido, resulting in an overall better sexual experience.

  • Better mood and outlook in life – since menopause affects women’s hormones a lot, there can be many struggles regarding their mental well-being. Noticeable mood changes are common symptoms. Because of these shifts, the person’s outlook on life can also be negatively affected.

  • Reduces hot flashes – hot flashes are another common symptom of menopause. This can lead to persistent stress since it can be a very uncomfortable thing to feel.

  • Improves quality of sleep – sleep is often affected, so when the hormones are balanced, sleep could improve, and night chills and sweats can also be significantly reduced.

  • Improves metabolism – the treatment can positively influence one’s metabolism. The unexplainable weight gain can be corrected, while low energy levels can start to rise once again.

Where to get Menopause Treatment in Wellington

Menopause Treatment Wellington FLMenopause treatment involves the manipulation of one’s hormones. Although the procedure is generally safe, it is crucial that knowledgeable and expert professionals handle the patient.

4Ever Young Solutions is a clinic that offers top-notch treatment.

The hormone experts at 4Ever Young will take a comprehensive look at your case before proceeding with the next steps. Our Wellington, FL clinic uses cutting-edge diagnostic technology to identify your symptoms, goals, and needs.

If you are experiencing symptoms related to menopause, head on now to 4Ever Young’s clinic in Wellington so our expert doctors can curate a custom treatment plan just for you.

Book a FREE consultation with us now by reaching us at 561-944-2050. You can also take a virtual tour before visiting us in our clinic located at 10620 W. Forest Hill Blvd Suite 50, Wellington, FL 33414.

By Paul Goldberg | December 14th, 2022