Testosterone Supplements Are No Substitute for Hormone Therapy For Men

What Are Testosterone Boosters, and Do Any of Them Work?

Hormone Therapy for Men Naples FLIf you are a man living in or around Naples, Florida, and you are worried about low testosterone, you need to know that so-called "testosterone supplements" are no substitute for actual hormone therapy for men.

You may have heard of testosterone supplements or boosters claiming they can raise your testosterone levels. However, men in Naples, Fl, who think they may have low testosterone need to be wary of such claims.

Testosterone is indeed one of a man's most critical hormones. Testosterone plays a role in everything from sexual function to metabolism and cognition. As important as testosterone is for men, your level drops as you age.

This steady drop in testosterone which occurs once you are over 20, leaves most men with some degree of low testosterone by the time they are in their mid-thirties. Low testosterone in men can seriously impact your overall well-being and quality of life.

However, only genuine hormone therapy for men, like the testosterone replacement therapies prescribed by the doctors at our Naples area clinic, can significantly raise your testosterone level and treat low testosterone. Genuine hormone therapy is only available with a doctor's prescription.

You cannot legally purchase testosterone in any form without a prescription. These products with names like "T-Max," "Total T," "Testo-X," etc., are not actual testosterone, nor can they by law contain any actual testosterone.

Furthermore, since they are sold as “nutritional supplements," they are unregulated by the FDA and can pretty much make any claims they wish about their ability to raise testosterone.

What Exactly Are Testosterone Supplements?

While they are sold and marketed as a kind of "over-the-counter" testosterone, these boosters and supplements do not contain any of the actual hormones. There is no such thing as "non-prescription" testosterone.

In fact, a recent study conducted by the Keck School of Medicine of USC found that few, if any, of these alternatives to traditional hormone replacement therapy for men have ingredients to support their claims,

"Many supplements on the market merely contain vitamins and minerals but don't do anything to improve testosterone. Often, people can be vulnerable to the marketing component of these products, making it difficult to tease out what is a myth and reality," said Mary K. Samplaski, MD, assistant professor of clinical urology and one of the lead researchers on the study.

Patients experiencing the symptoms of low testosterone should avoid any of these products with their dubious claims and seek out only genuine hormone therapy, like the testosterone replacement therapy offered at 4Ever Young in Naples, FL.

If you are a man between the ages of 35 and 65 and think you may need hormone replacement therapy for men, here is a list of symptoms you should look for.

  • Weakness and Fatigue
  • Sexual health issues such as erectile dysfunction and low libido.
  • Inability to build lean muscle even while exercising.
  • Weight gain.
  • Sleep issues.
  • Loss of memory and other cognitive difficulties.
  • Depression, mood swings, and anxiety.
  • An overall feeling of being unwell.

What Every Man Should Know About Hormone Therapy in Naples, FL

Men in Naples, FL, and the surrounding areas who are over 35 and may be struggling with any or all of the symptoms listed above need to consider that low testosterone may be the cause.

At 4Ever Young in Naples, FL, our doctors understand that hormone therapy for men is an ideal way to treat low testosterone and give you back what time and nature take away.

Finding the Best Hormone Therapy for Men in Naples Florida

If you live in or around Naples, FL, and you think you are a good candidate for hormone replacement therapy for men because you are having some "trouble in the bedroom," if you feel like you have no energy, are putting on weight, or are suffering from any of the other debilitating symptoms of low testosterone, the safest and most effective treatment is prescription testosterone therapy.

4Ever Young Naples Has The Best Hormone Therapy for Men.

Hormone Therapy for Men Naples FLOur team offers medically supervised hormone therapies for men customized to your needs and wellness goals.

Our unique approach to hormone therapy for men is designed to help you improve your sex life but also help you lose weight and increase your muscle mass, strength, and energy.

But don't just take our word for it; follow this link to hear genuine reviews from our actual hormone therapy patients!

Join the hundreds of men like you from Naples and the surrounding areas, which have improved their lives with testosterone replacement therapy from 4Ever Young. Contact us today at (239) 695-7005, or click here to book a free consultation!

By Jorge Camina Jr., MD | April 19th, 2023