Study Finds That Hormone Therapy for Men Improves Body Composition

Hormone Therapy for Men and Improved Muscle Strength

Hormone Therapy for Men Merritt Island FLAdult males seeking hormone therapy for men in Merritt Island would be happy to learn of this study that shows how testosterone therapy builds muscle and improves body composition in men.

A recent study on the benefits of hormone replacement therapy for men, which appeared in the medical journal Frontiers in Endocrinology, found that increasing testosterone helps to improve body composition, even in men with only slightly lower than normal testosterone levels.

The researchers also concluded that testosterone benefit men from a metabolic standpoint by raising metabolism, which helps to build lean muscle and burn fat.

Testosterone is a key male hormone that affects sex drive, bone mass, the production of red blood cells, and muscle size and strength. This is one of several studies that prove how hormone therapy can increase muscle mass and improve body composition.

Research proves that hormone therapy for men increases muscle mass and improves body composition.

How Does Hormone Therapy for Men Improve Body Composition?

Testosterone therapy boosts your metabolism and increases your ability to build lean muscle. In this way, it can help you lose weight and improve your “body composition” or your fat-to-muscle ratio.

In other words, men with low testosterone in Merritt Island need to understand that hormone therapy results in a “redistribution” in body composition which involves an increase in lean muscle mass and a reduction in body fat. This is exactly what was seen in the study mentioned above.

How Does Hormone Therapy Increase Muscle Strength?

Several studies have shown how it helps build muscle mass, improves body composition, and increases muscle strength.

When testosterone binds to specialized androgen receptors on muscle cells, it activates a signaling pathway that stimulates protein synthesis within the muscle fibers. This, in turn, leads to an increase in muscle mass and strength.

Testosterone also increases the production of red blood cells, which transport oxygen to the muscles, improving endurance. In addition, testosterone also increases exercise capacity. Testosterone plays a role in reducing muscle damage and promoting recovery after exercise.

This is because it has an anti-catabolic effect, which helps prevent muscle tissue breakdown. These effects mean you can exercise more and get more out of each workout once you are on hormone therapy.

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Does Hormone Therapy  Provide any Other Benefits?

In addition to improving muscle tone and muscle strength, hormone therapy, particularly testosterone replacement, has many other physical and emotional benefits for Merritt Island men suffering from low testosterone.

Our Merritt Island hormone therapy patients have found that testosterone can improve moods, help you get a better night’s sleep, and increase sex drive and sexual function.

In fact, one of the very first benefits our male patients experience on their hormone therapy regimen is an improved ability to get and maintain an erection. In summary, the benefits of hormone replacement therapy for men are many.

Merritt Island area men who are considering hormone replacement could expect to see the following:

  • Improved ability to build lean muscle.
  • Increase strength and energy.
  • Increased exercise capacity
  • Improved sex drive and sexual function.
  • Weight loss, particularly belly fat.
  • Improved moods.
  • More restful sleep.
  • Improved memory and cognitive function.

If you are over 45 and live in or around Merritt Island and would like to experience these and more of the life-changing benefits of HRT you should consider contacting our Merritt Island 4Ever Young clinic and see if you qualify for a prescription for testosterone therapy or some other hormone replacement therapy.

Hormone Therapy for Men on Merritt Island

Men in Merritt Island between the ages of 35 and 65 who want to look and feel younger owe it to themselves to learn more about our hormone replacement therapy programs designed specifically for men.

At 4Ever Young in Merritt Island, FL, our doctors understand that as men age, their bodies go through a natural decline in hormones which can lead to a variety of physical and emotional changes.

The condition is sometimes called “male menopause” or, more technically, andropause, and just like its female counterpart here at our Merritt Island Men’s Health Clinic, Testosterone Replacement Therapy is the best treatment option for men with age-related hormone loss that are ready to add vitality back into their lives!

If you are experiencing some trouble in the bedroom, are tired, and are experiencing mood swings or any other symptoms of “male menopause,” our prescription hormone therapy for men may be the boost you are looking for!

Finding the Best Hormone Therapy for Men Clinic in Merritt Island, FL

Hormone Therapy for Men Merritt Island FL4Ever, Young, Merritt Island has doctors who are quite skilled and experienced in prescribing hormone therapy.

In fact, many consider our doctors the best men’s health practitioners in Merritt Island and the surrounding areas.

Our Merritt Island-based team offers medically supervised hormone therapy programs for men customized to your individual needs and wellness goals.

Our unique approach to testosterone therapy and all hormone therapies for men is designed to not only help you improve your sex life but also help you lose weight and increase your muscle mass, strength, and energy.

But don’t just take our word for it; follow this link to hear genuine reviews from our actual hormone therapy patients!

Join the hundreds of men just like you from Merritt Island and the surrounding areas who have improved their lives with hormone therapy for men from 4Ever Young Anti Aging Solutions. Contact us today at (321) 593-1168 or click here to book a free consultation!

By Dr Michael Dougherty | May 16th, 2023