Fact or Fiction: Common Misconceptions About Menopause

Discover the truth behind the misconceptions about menopause and the expert clinic in menopause treatment at Fort Lauderdale.

Menopause Treatment Fort Lauderdale FLMenopause can be daunting to even think about for many women nearing their golden years.  Because this occurrence can cause a major shift in a woman’s overall health and lifestyle, women get concerned about the possible effects that menopause might bring.

Because of this, women are eager to find solutions that will help menopause symptoms recede or even completely disappear, and menopause treatment is one surefire way to address one’s menopausal symptoms.

Many people–both men and women, ask questions and even formulate assumptions regarding menopause: its impact, effects, risks, and more. This article will discuss the truth behind the most common misconceptions. If you are interested in finding out the facts about menopause and the treatment that effectively resolves its symptoms, read on.

What is Menopause?

Menopause is a once-in-a-lifetime happening for aging women. It disrupts the normal hormone processes of the body, causing significant changes in one’s mental and physical bodily functions. Menopause marks the end of a woman’s period.

Once this occurs, a woman cannot reproduce because her fertility has also ended. The cessation of the menstrual cycle is a natural phenomenon that every woman will have to experience once in her life. Although it only happens once, the symptoms that come with it can linger for a long time.

Traditionally, women were told to “just live with the symptoms” associated with menopause. However, why should women live with such debilitating and worrisome symptoms in this era of advanced medical technology?

Perimenopause pertains to the period before a woman’s menstrual cycle fully stops. During this time, women can already experience the effects of menopause even before it arrives. This makes menopause even more unbearable for some because of how long the symptoms show up–starting before it occurs, which can be years before the actual menopause, up until their post-menopause.

Menopause symptoms need to be correctly recognized and managed. When information about menopause that is not factual continues to go around, the effect can be harmful. Since menopause is directly linked to a woman’s health, everything should be treated with care and significance.

Recognizing Menopause Symptoms

  • Mood swings
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Low libido
  • Night sweats
  • Hot flashes
  • Problems concentrating
    Increased body fat
  • Decreased bladder control
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Gradual slowing of mental function and memory
  • Reduced lean muscle mass and strength

Fact or Fiction?

Menopause has been either dreaded or taken for granted by many because of the misconceptions that come with it. Be informed and discover the truth behind the most common ones:

  1. FICTION: Menopause only comes after 40
    Although most women start to experience perimenopausal symptoms after 40, it is not impossible for menopause to come in one’s 30s. Every person is different, so menopause is a case-to-case phenomenon that presents uniquely for every woman.

    This early occurrence is called “premature menopause.” Although it is not common, it isn’t impossible to happen.

  2. FICTION: Menopause is a disease
    Menopause is not a disease. It happens naturally to menstruating women in their 40s or 50s. Considering menopause as an illness is wrong as it may bring unnecessary fear and inaccurate information about menopause.

    But even though it is not an illness, it comes with multiple symptoms which can be bothersome or even debilitating to many women. It is important to address these symptoms so women can enjoy life to the fullest, even after their menopausal period.

  3. FICTION: Menopause symptoms should be endured
    Yes, menopause and all of the symptoms that come with it are indeed normal and, most of the time, bearable.

    But even so, in this day and age, it is not practical to suffer the symptoms anymore as there are already treatment plans that can significantly reduce and remove it, making every woman feel free and unbothered even after her cycle permanently ends.

  4. FICTION: Sexual intercourse is impossible after menopause
    Menopause disrupts the normal function of a woman’s hormones which causes an imbalance in the levels of one’s estrogen. Although this affects the overall bodily processes of women, they can have or even enjoy sex.

    One’s libido might decrease, and women can experience vaginal dryness during perimenopause and after menopause. However, addressing these issues through proper treatments can make intimacy more enjoyable, especially since pregnancy cannot occur anymore–a common worry of most women.

  5. FICTION: Menopause cannot be treated
    The symptoms of menopause can be treated using proven, safe, and effective therapies. In fact, a clinic in Fort Lauderdale uses cutting-edge technology to treat its patients through the menopause treatment it offers.

    Finding an expert in this field is essential to enjoy a stress-free life. Your hormones play a crucial role in your day-to-day activities so undergoing menopause treatment that is tailor-fit to your needs is your ticket to a happy and healthy life.

Consider Menopause Treatment in Fort Lauderdale

Menopause Treatment Fort Lauderdale FLWomen should not be pressured to endure the debilitating side effects of menopause. Just because one can withstand its symptoms doesn’t mean it should be permanently put up with.

Menopause treatment is a safe and effective way to reduce or even get rid of the symptoms that menopause brings. Menopause lowers estrogen levels, but through menopause treatment, this can be resolved.

4Ever Young offers medically-supervised treatment for patients with low estrogen levels. Hormonal imbalances can be tricky to work with, but this expert clinic in Fort Lauderdale only uses personalized treatment plans for its patients.

When you consult with them, you will be able to get a comprehensive picture of your health and better understand the cause and effects of your age-related hormone decline.

Experience an improved sense of well-being with menopause treatment in Fort Lauderdale. Feel like your “old self” and have a renewed zest for life!

Head to 4Ever Young Anti Aging Solutions clinic in Fort Lauderdale, FL, to learn more about menopause treatment and other anti-aging procedures available in Florida. You can book a FREE consultation with 4Ever Young and take a virtual tour. Contact them now to get started with your journey to better health: (954) 737-2919.

By Abdon S. Borges | November 22nd, 2022