Lip Injections FAQ

Even though lip injections have quickly become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments today, there are still a lot of misconceptions about them. Here is a list of commonly asked questions about these fantastic treatments. If you have any other questions or are eager to get started on your own treatment, contact us today to schedule a free consultation at our clinic in Boca Raton!

What is the treatment like?

Before your treatment, you will meet with a member of our highly trained staff and discuss what sort of results you are hoping to achieve. Our experts will help you choose a dermal filler and treatment plan that best fits your needs and goals. During your appointment, we will numb the treatment area with a topical anesthetic. We will then skillfully inject the filler into your lips and gently mold it into shape. The entire treatment only takes about 30 minutes and there is no downtime afterwards.

Does it hurt?

No it doesn’t. We apply a topical anesthetic before the injections and use a special microcannula to help ensure your complete comfort during treatment.

Will my lips look or feel “done”?

While many fear that their lips will look or feel unnatural, their fears are completely unfounded. An experienced injector knows exactly how much filler to place and where to ensure that your results are subtle and natural looking. And because these fillers are soft, your lips will feel completely natural, even when kissing!

How long will it take for results to appear?

You will notice an immediate improvement in the shape and volume of your lips, but it may take a few days to see the full effects.

How long do results last?

How long your results will last depends largely on the type of dermal filler that you choose to receive. Juvéderm Ultra and Restylane Silk injections generally last between 4 to 6 months while Juvéderm Volbella results can last up to a year.

Are there any side effects?

Because the dermal fillers we offer at our clinic in Boca Raton are all made from a naturally occurring substance, serious side effects are very rare. You may experience some minor redness, swelling, bruising or bleeding at the injection site, but these should disappear shortly.