4Ever Young brings Holiday Cheer to Kids In Distress

On December 2nd, 4Ever Young hosted their 9th annual Holiday Charity and Patient Appreciation Event benefiting Kids in Distress (KID). A nationally-accredited organization, Kids in Distress, is committed to preventing child abuse and neglect in affected families and children.

Created in 1979, KID–at first a shelter for abused children–has grown into a five-acre campus in Fort Lauderdale and four acres of family foster homes in Southwest Ranches. KID aims to help both the individual and family with counseling, pre-, afterschool, and summer camp, recruitment, training, prevention, and preservation.

With the help from ten sponsors, including Hallandale compounding pharmacy and Empire City Laboratories, 4Ever Young Anti-aging Solutions welcomed 764 attendees and collected a nearly 900-toy donation for KID at a party on the landing outside their flagship location in Boca Raton.

On the surface, Carlton and Deniz–co-founders of the 4Ever Young Anti-aging center–appear to have struck it lucky. In a blink-of-eye metamorphosis, the duo spun an idea into gold, evolving from everyday gym-goers into mold-breaking entrepreneurs.

But, of course, it was roll-up-your-sleeves hard work that won them this spot at the industry helm; Spend a day with either man, and you’ll hear him credit the importance of “grassroots marketing”--a breed of brand awareness that involves getting out into the community (as opposed to digital campaigning).

This isn’t a groundbreaking opinion–grassroots marketing is continually considered a viable return, particularly as a tired consumership grows even more so by the tidal wave of pop-up and exit widgets. But the co-founders are particularly passionate, not only because their success largely depends on the support of a community they love and live in, but because of the bond they developed with their community–the stories they experienced and witnessed regarding hardship and sacrifice.

By the time the flagship location opened in 2014, friends and neighbors knew well the 4Ever Young message and mission to drive total body health because of Deniz and Carlton’s steadfast, hands-on drive to learn about and better the community. And they continue to do so, hosting charity events for favorite organizations like KID and Boys & Girls Club. Stay tuned for more!

Volunteer with KID. Positions available for preschool, afterschool, and summer programs, administration, special events, and donation sorting. Or donate to help kids and families affected by neglect and abuse.