4Ever Young Crosses the Ferry to Edgewater, New Jersey

(January 2023)—4Ever Young Anti-aging Solutions, a groundbreaking age-sustainability philosophy manifested into a roster of vitality centers across the country, has made its way to Edgewater, New Jersey. Experts in their fields, the 4Ever Young team uses ultramodern strategy and technology to tackle age-related concerns in a total-body approach.

An experienced Medical Director champions a team of licensed providers to design and monitor your customized journey to optimum health. What sets 4Ever Young apart from competitors in the medspa space?

The two programs within that have won national popularity: Look Your Best, addressing all aesthetic issues, and Feel Your Best, targeting growing pains that come with aging.

This is a full-body shop for those wanting to live and feel their best at any age.

On the Feel Your Best track, patients are welcomed to a complimentary consultation, during which they’ll step on an InBody machine, which uses bioelectrical impedance to provide a detailed measurement of your weight in muscle, fat, and water.

Along with a full panel of bloodwork, the 4Ever Young team will refer back to this measurement to analyze your progress and continually customize your regimen, resulting in a patient-specific strategy.

This ensures you get the most effective care for symptoms of low testosterone, like lack of libido and energy, mood swings, fogginess, and poor sleep. Rounding out the program are IV vitamin and peptide therapies–a treatment that boosts your body’s healing centers.

On the Look Your Best track, patients can choose from a menu of aesthetic services like Botox and Dysport and medical-grade skincare like chemical peels, Hydrafacials, Microneedling, and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to help them look their best even as they age.

For more information or to book an appointment, visit the 4Ever Young Edgewater website, or call 551-313-4110. Email:info@4everyoungedgewaternj.com. Visit in person: 14 Edgewater Towne Center Unit 9C Edgewater, NJ 07020.

About Edgewater:

Boasting a view of the New York City skyline, Edgewater, New Jersey, is a strip of land on the west bank of the Hudson River.

Residents and visitors alike make the most of the ferry trip, spending a day on the waterfront town replete with restaurants like the famous Brownstone Pancake Factory; the Solo spa club–4 floors of saunas, salt and ice therapy rooms and an infinity pool overlooking the river and skyline; and shopping at the unique, Japanese marketplace, Mitsuwa.

To learn about what makes Edgewater so special, visit Edgewaternj.org.

About 4Ever Young:

4Ever Young is a vitality center offering a full menu of Anti-aging services–skincare like neurotoxins, Hydrafacials, and microneedling, and wellness therapies like IV vitamin therapy, peptide, and bioidentical hormone replacement. Find a location near you, or contact our team on our website.