New Year, New Us

The new year sees an uptick in gym memberships and diets, but dedication often dwindles as we head into spring. It might be easy to lose a few pounds after the holidays, but it’s just as easy to gain it all back. Particularly as we get older when hormone imbalance in both men and women seems to take the wheel. Luckily, finding the root cause of weight gain is a 4Ever Young specialty.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is the cornerstone of our Feel Your Best program. It identifies and works to replenish age-related decreases in hormone levels. Patients find relief from common symptoms like sleeplessness, fogginess, mood swings, and of course, weight gain. Combining fitness nutritional coaching with an HRT regimen can show patients success where success hasn’t otherwise been possible.

BHRT Options include injections, pellets, troche, and topical solutions.

With injections, patients are trained to inject bioidentical testosterone that is shipped right to their door. We also offer complimentary injections by a Medical Provider if patients prefer not to self-inject. “Bioidentical” testosterone is identical to the testosterone your body produces–your body needs a little help to get where it needs to be. With weekly injections, expect immediate absorption into the body.

Pellets are an alternative for those who struggle with keeping to a schedule or prefer not to inject. No larger than a grain of rice, *the pellets are inserted into the upper hip by a medical professional (no stitches needed). This offers a steady dose over several months, which is how your body naturally produces and receives testosterone. We measure your hormone levels during your treatment with bloodwork, and when we see that your body has metabolized the pellet, we let you know it’s time to replace it.

Your first step on this HRT journey is a consultation. You will also hop on an InBody machine, which uses bioelectrical impedance to measure body weight, hydration levels, muscle mass, and more. It’s a helpful starting point that will be referenced throughout the treatment, as it tracks your progress each time you step on the scale. (Oh, and a great reminder to drink more water!).

BHRT is just one component of our Medical Weight Loss strategy. It is a customized program that combines diet counseling and nutrition plans with prescription medications, supplements, and vitamin injections. It is all supervised and curated by doctors, nutritionists, and coaches. Additionally, we’re proud to offer the increasingly popular Semaglutide. It can reduce the liver’s sugar production, delay stomach emptying, improve insulin resistance, and reduce appetite and food cravings in those with more than 20 pounds to lose.

What is Semaglutide?

It belongs to the class of medications called GLP-1 receptor antagonists. It works by increasing insulin secretion, intended for patients with type-2 diabetes. But at a higher dose, it helps keep patients committed to a diet regimen because it communicates with brain receptors responsible for appetite control.

Patients typically feel the effects of Semaglutide upon the first of their weekly injections and experience weight loss within the first two weeks of the program. This is very affordable, non-stimulant appetite control–which means you won’t experience the jitters that can result from other appetite control methods. Everyone’s journey is different, of course, and the amount of weight you need to lose will determine the duration and dosage. With close monitoring by our medical staff, together we’ll curate the target dose, and here is where you’ll see the most amount of weight lost.

You CAN do it; we WILL help you. Let’s get started together.