Merritt Island is Proud to Welcome 4Ever Young

Merritt Island, January 2023–Merritt Island has a new Anti-aging team in 4Ever Young Anti-aging Solutions, a nationally renowned outfit that combines the latest in proven methods with empathetic customer service to develop an industry-leading experience. With their help, thousands of patients are learning how to live their best lives at any age.

4Ever Young is a recognized leader in the medspa arena, leveraging innovative twists to nutritional coaching, which can include hormone replacement therapies and medical weight loss. Their two-fold model–the Look Your Best program and the Feel Your Best program–elevates the skillset of their dedicated practitioners, a team diligent about continuing education, actively championing, and supporting what makes the patient experience so unique.

“In the past, people have had to drive all over town to get these different services, but now they will be available under one roof,” said Lou Manley, who, along with his wife Denise–who has more than three decades of experience in the medical field and holds both a bachelor’s degree in radiologic sciences and an MBA–owns and operates the Merritt Island Anti-aging center.

“At the gym, we met people in their fitness journeys, and we wanted to help them go to the next level,” said Denise, “4Ever Young goes hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle. There is nothing like it in the area.”

Patients work together with practitioners to refine a customized, outcome-focused regimen. This targets unique hormone imbalances exposed through a full blood panel; through HRT, peptide therapy, IV vitamins, nutrition, and fitness coaching, patients experience mental acuity, more energy, higher libido, and fewer mood swings.

Those interested in aesthetic improvements can choose from a menu of services, including Botox and Dysport dermal fillers and medical-grade skincare like chemical peels, Hydrafacials, microneedling, and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

For more information or to book an appointment, visit the 4Ever Young Merritt Island website, or call 321-378-8240.


Read more about Lou and Denise in the Space Coast Daily article, “Fitness Club Merritt Island Owners Lou and Denise Manley Keeping Brevard County 4Ever Young”.

About Merritt Island:

Merritt Island is a Space Coast favorite for water sports enthusiasts. The Indian River Lagoon gains kayak access to mangrove islands, conservation, and wildlife sanctuaries, eco-tours, and seaside tiki bars.

Once called the most “historically significant landscape in the Southeast,” Merritt Island is bursting with historical treasures–ancient burial grounds, ghost towns, archaeological digs, and plantations.

Less known to non-residents is local Adam Kissia, NASA engineer and inventor of the electronic digital hearing aid. Now known as the Cochlear Implant, this device helps people with severe deafness who have seen no success with hearing aids.

About 4Ever Young:

4Ever Young is a vitality center that offers a wide range of Anti-aging solutions–medical aesthetics like Botox and dermal fillers, skincare like microneedling and Hydrafacial, and total-body wellness treatments like hormone replacement therapy, IV Vitamin therapy, medical weight loss, and nutraceuticals.