Market-Dominating Franchise Makes Room for Philanthropy

Guerilla marketing, bursting pipelines, franchise agreements, and...complimentary services for displaced Ukranian mother and children. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida—4Ever Young Anti-aging Solutions welcomed Olga Sadretdinova and her girls, Oryna and Varvara, one week after they barely escaped Russian soldiers, rushed through Poland and Mexico, and landed in the United States. Before their life was upended, Oryna was a first-year law student at a university. That university—and their home, and everything they owned—no longer exists. Jeanette Brown, a representative of 4Ever Young Fort Lauderdale, caught the Channel 7 news story and asked cofounders Carlton Washington and Deniz Duygulu to help the Ukranian family. True to brand reputation, they jumped at the opportunity. 4Ever Young is a widely recognized brand, not only for their growing popularity as a franchising opportunity, but also for their steadfast commitment to community betterment and leadership. Their continued contributions to charities like Boys and Girls Club and Kids in Distress proves:

The brand is as big in heart as they are in market share. 

And what better time than now to prove priority for humanitarian concern? When families like Olga’s are facing uncertain futures in a foreign space, it's up to companies like 4Ever Young to show that making money and philanthropy must not be mutually exclusive campaigns. “We decided to jump in and try to help, not only with the cash donation, but also with some things that make her feel better about being here in these circumstances,” said Carlton. Olga was dumbfounded to hear that 4Ever Young would not only donate money, but also treat them to services in celebration of a much-deserved Mother’s Day. See the original video here.
"We are in America only one week. We never, ever expected such a response. "Strange people who do not know us but who learned about our story, helping us." 
People who know the brand are unsurprised to hear about the contribution. Carlton has not been shy in describing personal strife, and he keeps dear to his heart families struggling to make ends meet. It’s a pillar of the 4Ever Young wellness model, and what bolstered the cofounders’ initial message of intent—to heal people from the inside. Investors are proud to join ranks, and hope 4Ever Young leadership inspires the market to lend a hand. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Olga get her family back on its feet. To learn more about 4Ever Young Anti-aging Solutions, see About Us. 4Ever Young cofounders dreamed up the brand in 2014 and by 2015 grew to a $2.1M business. They opened their second location in Fort Lauderdale in 2017, established a franchise offering and awarded their first three franchises in 2019. They continue to grow exponentially, signing agreements weekly, and plan to always help friends in distress.