Menopause and Summer Heat: 5 Ways to Manage It

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Menopause Treatment Spring TXAre you feeling a sudden warmth or experiencing hot flashes without any apparent reason?

It’s possible that this could be due to hormonal changes if you are currently in perimenopause or have already gone through menopause.

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What Happens During Menopause

Menopause is a time of significant change in a woman’s life. Hormone production declines over time, and these hormone changes cause different menopause symptoms. One of the most common symptoms of menopause is hot flashes, which can be uncomfortable and disruptive to daily life.

Hot flashes are often accompanied by a sudden feeling of warmth in the upper body, followed by sweating and then a chill. In most cases, these episodes last from a few seconds to several minutes and can happen at any time of the day during any season.

During the summer months, hot flashes can be particularly difficult to manage. The rising temperatures and increased humidity can exacerbate the symptoms, making it even more difficult to stay cool and comfortable.

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Manage Hot Flashes This Summer

Although there is no cure for hot flashes, Women can use some strategies to alleviate the effects of hot flashes during the summer.

  1. Chug on ice water.

    Beat the sweltering heat this summer by having ice water handy with you all the time. Menopause may lead to dehydration to some extent. Make sure you stay hydrated all summer long!

    When you experience hot flashes, drinking water will make you feel more comfortable. It will help reduce your body temperature. Drinking water is refreshing and quenches your thirst! It’s a great hydrating pick-me-up.

    Consider using double-walled tumblers that are portable and versatile. Get a stainless steel tumbler for longer-lasting cold beverages and ice that won’t melt rapidly. Whether at home, at the office, or the mall, having a tumbler of water handy will surely hydrate you this summer.

  2. Keep cool during the summer.

    Other ways to stay cool this summer include using a cold compress and a portable fan. Whenever you need cooling, take an ice pack or washcloth out of the freezer and place it on your head. Alternatively, you can wrap ice packs or frozen vegetables in a towel.

    Bringing a portable fan is also a great way to stay cool while on the go. When you feel hot and sweaty, turn on your battery-operated fan and feel the cool breeze on your face.

    You are more likely to develop a hot flash if you spend a long time in a hot environment. Staying inside, especially during heat waves, is a good idea during the hottest times of the day.

    With these methods, you can keep your body temperature down and avoid triggering hot flashes, especially during hot, humid weather.

  3. Dress in layers.

    Choosing what to wear can be challenging when you’re hot and sweaty. This is especially true when chills often follow those hot moments!

    Dressing in layers is an important tip to stay cool this summer! You’ll want to wear layers that you can easily remove and can wear alone to help relieve hot flashes. Removing a top layer shouldn’t make you feel too exposed.

    Choose tops made of cotton or cotton-linen blend, which you can layer with a linen blouse or shirt. When you get a chill, wrap a light linen scarf or kaftan around your shoulders, then remove it when you feel too hot.

  4. Choose natural fabrics for clothes and linens.

    We recommend wearing lightweight, breathable fabrics when dressing this summer. In the summer, opt for natural fabrics for your bed linens and clothes since they are lightweight, breathable, and have moisture-wicking properties.

    The best bed linens and clothing fabrics are made from natural fibers such as cotton, linen, cotton-linen blends, and bamboo. These fabrics are perfect for warm climates, dry heat, and hot weather. They are non-irritating and have moisture-wicking properties, keeping you dry if you sweat regularly.

  5. Don’t drink too much alcohol.

    Alcoholic beverages can also trigger hot flashes, as alcohol affects virtually every part of your body, including the nervous, circulatory, and other parts. Drinking alcohol increases the heart rate and widens blood vessels in your skin, triggering you to experience hot flashes.

    A glass of wine once or twice a week is unlikely to affect your symptoms. However, your health and well-being could suffer if you drink more than one glass daily.

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Menopause Treatment in Spring, TX

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By Lindsay Dragos, MD | July 11th, 2023