Non-Invasive Facelift is Available in Miami Dadeland, FL

Is there a way to fix skin problems without undergoing surgery? Fortunately, there are non-invasive facelift treatments available in Miami Dadeland, FL.

Non-Invasive Facelift at Miami Dadeland,  FLCollagen and elastin levels in our skin decrease as we age. This leaves visible signs of aging on our faces, such as fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, and loss of volume on the face.

Our 4Ever Young clinics in Miami Dadeland, FL offer different non-invasive facelift treatments.
It is a safe and effective procedure that will make you look years younger by lifting sagging skin, filling in missing facial volume, and improving lines and wrinkles on your face.

Non-invasive facelifts in Miami Dadeland, FL combat different signs of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and loose skin, to give you a more youthful appearance.

About Non-Invasive Facelift

Why You Should Get Non-Invasive Facelift in Miami Dadeland, FL

At 4Ever Young in Miami Dadeland, FL, we provide non-invasive facelift treatments that give you tighter, more radiant, clearer skin, giving back your confidence.

  • Treats many skin conditions – We can use non-invasive facelift treatments to address multiple skin concerns, such as acne, wrinkles, sun damage, rosacea, acne scars, fine lines, large pores, rough or uneven skin, hyperpigmentation, and stretch marks.
  • Reduces signs of aging – Non-invasive facelift treatments help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, giving you tighter, younger-looking skin.
  • Prevents the formation of future wrinkles – Some non-invasive facelift treatments (like Botox injections) help reduce signs of aging on your face and prevent wrinkles from appearing in the future.
  • Improves the appearance of wrinkles on the face – It is common to see frown and smile lines appearing more prominently with frequent facial expressions. Botox temporarily relaxes these muscles, giving you a smooth, wrinkle-free appearance.
  • Improves skin texture – Deep acne scars can leave pits on the face, creating texture. Non-invasive facelift treatments can help improve skin texture to give you smoother skin.
  • Adds volume to the face – Dermal fillers, a non-invasive facelift treatment, correct age-related volume loss in the face to give you a more youthful appearance.
  • Nonsurgical with minimal downtime – Non-invasive treatments are nonsurgical with fewer risks and complications. Downtime is also minimal, and you can return to your regular routine faster.

How Does Non-Invasive Facelift Work?

Non-Invasive Facelift Miami Dadeland  FL4Ever Young in Miami Dadeland, FL provides a wide array of nonsurgical facelift treatments.

  • PDO Facial Thread Lift
    During a PDO facial thread lift, tiny threads are inserted beneath the skin to “lift” up specific areas. The procedure uses polydioxanone (PDO) threads, similar to those used for surgical procedures. Not only are they effective in restructuring tissues, the body gradually absorbs them over time.
    Each PDO thread is carefully administered to an area of concern. PDO threads pass through a needle inserted at an angle under the skin to lift the skin. This will improve your skin’s suppleness, youthfulness, and elasticity.
  • Dermal Fillers
    Using dermal fillers is an excellent way to add volume to areas that need it. They are also a great non-invasive facelift treatment for skin folds near the mouth, tired eyes, loss of volume in the cheeks, and lip wrinkles. You don’t have to feel less than beautiful because you have simple aesthetic treatment options at your fingertips. Dermal fillers will help you regain youthful beauty.
  • Botox
    Botox uses botulinum toxin, which is created by purifying safe Clostridium botulinum bacteria. Botulinum toxin is a neurotoxin that affects nerves and causes muscle weakening.
    The purpose of Botox is to reduce muscle activity on the face temporarily. The majority of wrinkles form from consistent muscle movement. By relaxing the muscles, Botox can reduce wrinkles and creases on the face.
    A Botox injection helps to relax the muscles in your problem areas by blocking nerve signals. As a result, wrinkles in those problem areas are reduced or removed.
  • HydraFacial
    HydraFacial exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates the skin using the unique, patented Vortex-Fusion delivery system, while its spiral design provides painless extractions. It can deliver immediate results in just three steps!
    The first step involves cleansing the skin while the HydraFacial tip exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells to reveal a new layer of skin underneath. In the second step, the same tip delivers painless suction of deep-seated dirt and debris from the pores while intense moisturizers infuse and quench the skin. In the final step, a customizer serum blend of potent antioxidants and peptides is applied to the skin to address your specific skin concerns while maximizing your glow.
  • Microneedling
    A microneedling device is usually shaped like a pen with several tiny needles at the tip. The tool is moved across the skin, creating small punctures. When the needles pass across your skin, they send injury signals to your body, which begins the healing process. This stimulates collagen and elastin production and increases cell turnover to treat different skin concerns.

Get younger-looking skin without going under the knife! Non-invasive facelift treatments help reverse age-related skin concerns.

Non-Invasive Facelift in Miami Dadeland, FL: What Can I Expect?

During your free consultation at the nearest 4Ever Young location in Miami Dadeland, FL, our medical team will evaluate your concerns and treatment goals to determine which non-invasive facelift treatment is best for you.

We’ll address your skin concerns with treatments that work synergistically to improve your overall appearance. Rather than following a “one-size-fits-all” approach, we provide each patient with a customized plan to meet their specific needs.

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In Miami-Dadeland, FL, 4Ever Young Med Spa and Anti-Aging Clinic offers a complete range of medical and aesthetic treatments designed to help you live a long and healthy life. Our goal is to make you feel and look your best, no matter your age.

4Ever Young in Miami-Dadeland is the only 5-star anti-aging center in Miami with over 250 patient reviews. Our proactive approach has helped thousands of patients look and feel like their best selves as we provide treatments tailored to the goals and needs of each patient. We offer a wide range of services to keep you looking and feeling young inside and out.

Get Healthier, More Radiant Skin with a Non-invasive Facelift

Be a more confident and attractive version of yourself. We can help you choose the best non-invasive facelift treatment for you.

Head to the nearest 4Ever Young clinic in Miami Dadeland, FL, to learn more about non-invasive facelifts and other anti-aging procedures available in FL.

Common Questions About Non-Invasive Facelift

Will the HydraFacial hurt?

No, HydraFacials are a painless, non-invasive procedure.

How can I tighten my skin without a surgical facelift?

We offer multiple non-invasive facelift options to address a wide array of skin concerns. Using our anti-aging non-invasive facial rejuvenation treatments will give you a youthful appearance, fuller facial features, and tighter skin without surgery.

How exactly does microneedling work?

Microneedling is a form of skin rejuvenation involving tiny needles. The procedure is a controlled form of skin injury. In the process, it reduces acne scarring and wrinkles and stimulates skin growth.

How long will it take to see results?

You can see the treatment results depending on the non-invasive facelift treatment. HydraFacial can see results in 7 to 10 days. Maintenance sessions will give you longer-term effects.

What are dermal fillers made of?

The dermal fillers used in our 4Ever Young clinics consist of hyaluronic acid, a sugar naturally found in the body, and Poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), a biodegradable, synthetic material. Both substances provide volume and help stimulate collagen production, giving you a natural-looking lift.