Bioidentical Hormone Pellets for Women

What Is Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Therapy, and Is it Right for Me?

Bioidentical Hormones Miami FLSubdermal hormone pellets can be ideal for women in Miami, FL, looking for bioidentical hormones.

For decades, hormone replacement therapy has been the treatment of choice for women suffering the most debilitating symptoms of age-related hormone decline. In more recent years, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has been introduced, and it is rapidly becoming the most popular form of HRT for women in Miami and the surrounding areas.

Bioidentical hormones are made from all-natural sources and are molecule-for-molecule, the exact duplicate of the female sex hormones normally produced by your body. This makes bioidentical hormone therapy the safest and most effective type of hormone replacement therapy for women in Miami and the surrounding areas.

Bioidentical hormone therapy, or BHRT, is available in many forms. In pill form, creams, or patches, women in Miami can take BHRT as injections. A relatively new form to deliver bioidentical hormone therapy is sub-dermal pellets.

What Are Bioidentical Hormone Pellets?

Hormone pellets are a convenient “set it and forget it” way to administer BHRT. In bioidentical hormone pellet therapy, a small “pellet,” about the size of a grain of rice, is inserted just below the skin.

After insertion, the pellet slowly releases the prescribed hormones within them over time, much like your own body does. So not only are bioidentical hormone pellets more convenient than other ways for Miami women to take BHRT, but they also tend to be better tolerated and more effective.

Unlike the synthetic hormones made by the big pharmaceutical companies that are used in traditional hormone replacement therapy for women, bioidentical hormones are custom-made by compounding pharmacists.

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This means that are not only bioidentical hormones more like those your body normally produces, but also bioidentical hormone pellets can, and often do, contain specialized blends of more than one hormone to suit your particular symptoms.

Typical bioidentical hormone pellets can contain estradiol, estrone, dehydroepiandrosterone, testosterone, or any combination thereof. Insertion of bioidentical hormone pellets is a simple, minimally invasive procedure. They are usually inserted in the hip or thigh area.

Your skin will be numbed first with a topical anesthetic. Then the doctor will make a tiny incision and insert one or more bioidentical hormone pellets underneath the skin. The pellets provide a constant supply of hormones for about three months.

For women in Miami suffering from age-related hormone loss, bioidentical hormone pellet therapy can:

  • Improve energy.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Improve mood.
  • Increase libido and solve sexual health issues such as painful intercourse or vaginal dryness.
  • Increase muscle tone and improve your ability to born fat
  • Reduce or eliminate menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings.

But only a doctor can determine if you are a candidate for bioidentical hormone therapy in Miami.

What Every Woman Needs to Know About Bioidentical Hormone Therapy in Miami

Bioidentical Hormones Miami FLUnlike taking synthetic hormones that are mass-produced in some large pharmaceutical lab, 4Ever Young Miami Dadeland, FL, is dedicated to providing women in the greater Miami area with bioidentical hormone therapy that addresses age-related hormone decline by providing your body with hormones identical to those it produces naturally.

Our Hormone doctors have years of experience providing hormone replacement therapies for women. We have found that bioidentical hormone therapy is the safest and most effective way to bring hormones back into balance for Miami women seeking HRT.

Our bioidentical hormone pellets are derived from all-natural plant sources. Each batch of pellets meets the highest quality standards and is sterilized and potency-tested to ensure safety.

Bioidentical hormone pellet therapy is an ideal way for Miami women to maintain vitality, energy, and sexual satisfaction by helping restore proper hormone levels to the body with compounds that are indistinguishable from what your body would produce on its own.

You do not have to accept hormone loss as a part of aging that you have to “live with” or “get used to!” Instead of suffering, take back your life with the careful use of bio-identical hormones in our 4Ever Young clinics in Miami, Dadeland, FL. Contact us today at 786-705-2022 or click here to book a free consultation!

By Ana Lisa Carr | December 14th, 2022