Boost Your Sex Drive with a Valentine’s Diet & Hormone Therapy for Men

Got A Plan for This V-Day? Here are Some Ways to Boost Your Libido for the Big Day, Including Hormone Therapy for Men in Katy, TX.

Hormone Therapy for Men Katy TXValentine’s Day is a day of romance, love, and affection. The celebrations have already begun: you’ve given your partner flowers, go to the movies, had a romantic candle-lit dinner…and now they want to continue in bed. The problem is, you don’t really want to.

We all have days when we’re just not feeling “it.” However, if it isn’t just Valentine’s Day, if low sex drive is all year long, it could cause trouble to your relationship.

Here are ways to spice up your Valentine’s Day and boost your sex drive. We’re listing down things to eat and how hormone therapy for men in Katy, TX, can help you.

It’s common for testosterone levels to drop as men reach their 30s, declining about 1% annually. This can lead to decreased sex drive and erectile dysfunction; two of the things we don’t like during love month.

Libido-enhancing Foods

Are you looking for a way to spice up your relationship? One of the solutions to increasing your sex drive may be on your plate.

Generally, “aphrodisiacs” refer to foods and drinks that increase libido and testosterone levels. Officially, the science remains unclear whether these certain foods can really increase libido. But some researchers think that they might.

  1. Raw oysters

    In ancient times, oysters were considered a natural aphrodisiac and were widely used to increase sexual desire and drive. Some research suggests that oysters that are rich in zinc can raise testosterone levels and sperm production.

    The neurotransmitter dopamine plays a crucial role in sexual health in both males and females, and zinc is necessary to maintain dopamine levels. Research suggests that dopamine production increases sexual arousal.

    Furthermore, zinc can help reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction caused by medications like antidepressants. Oysters are also high in omega-3 fatty acids, which may increase blood flow and aid erectile and testicular function.

    To enhance the flavor of raw oysters, serve them with vinegared shallot sauce. To cook them, use a light batter or add them to stews or chowders.

  2. Dark chocolate

    Because of its delicious taste and ability to enhance sexual pleasure, chocolate has been a symbol of lust throughout history. A popular piece of advice that many people give is to eat dark chocolate before any sexual activity.

    Dark chocolate has aphrodisiac and mood-enhancing properties. As you consume dark chocolate, your body releases chemicals like phenethylamine, serotonin, and dopamine, which boosts sex drive.

    Research shows that dark chocolate boosts blood flow throughout the body, helping men stay erect. As a natural viagra, chocolate helps men get a more robust and harder erection.

  3. Red ginseng

    Red ginseng is a popular herb in Chinese medicine, as it is used to treat various ailments in men and women. Red ginseng is rich in ginsenoside saponins, which are unique phytochemicals with uses such as an adrenal tonic, adaptogen, anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, and overall health enhancer.

    Chinese traditional medicine also considers red ginseng an aphrodisiac and uses it for treating sexual dysfunction as well as enhancing sexual behavior and libido.

    Red ginseng has been shown to improve erectile function more than a placebo in several studies. Some studies have also reported that red ginseng is beneficial in improving fertility.

  4. Pistachio nuts

    Pistachio nuts are nutritious and rich in protein, fiber, and healthy fats, which makes them a great snack. Health benefits of pistachios include lowering blood pressure, controlling weight, and lowering heart disease risk.

    Pistachio nuts appear to increase blood flow, contributing to firmer erections. Perhaps, this is due to pistachios’ antioxidants, arginine, and phytosterol content.

    A study has found that a pistachio diet (100 g pistachio nuts for three weeks) improved International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) scores and penile color Doppler ultrasound (PCDU) parameters.

Other Ways to Boost Your Sex Drive

It’s everyone’s dream to make Valentine’s Day special for their loved ones. But how can you make it even more memorable?

  • Tap into your senses.

    Use your senses to create an intimate and memorable evening. You can give your partner an unforgettable Valentine’s Day with aromatherapy, sensory stimulation, and other romantic touches.

    Touch and smell stimulate our limbic system, which is home to our memory and emotions. Think of using essential oils and scented candles to stimulate your senses while giving your partner a quick massage. Having a relaxing environment can help boost libido.

  • Set the scene.

    The right lighting and music can set the mood and make your V-Day celebration truly memorable. From dimmed lights to soft music, these elements can create an atmosphere of romance and intimacy that will make your celebration even more special.

  • Try hormone therapy for men.

    Hormone therapy for men is another excellent way to boost one’s sex drive. As men age, their hormone levels decline, leading to symptoms such as low libido, lack of energy, erectile dysfunction, mood changes, and many more.

    As men age, testosterone levels decline. Low testosterone levels can lead to low libido and erectile dysfunction in men, which can affect your relationship. Balanced hormones can improve sexual desire and treat some instances of erectile dysfunction so that you can have better sexual experiences.

Hormone therapy for men in Katy, TX is a great way to restore men’s natural hormone balance. It can help you enjoy your life to its fullest.

Be Valentine’s Day Ready with Hormone Therapy in Katy, TX

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By Katherine Boyle Thornton, MD | April 16th, 2023