The Truth About Hormone Therapy for Men and the Risk of Heart Disease

Does Testosterone Therapy Increase Your Risk of Heart Disease?

Hormone Therapy for Men Gilbert AZIf you are interested in the benefits of hormone therapy in Gilbert, AZ, you may want to read about the latest info on testosterone and heart health!

There was a time when it was believed that hormone replacement therapy for men, particularly testosterone therapy increased the risk of heart attacks.

However, men considering hormone therapy in Gilbert need to know that the latest research indicates that quite the opposite is true.

Hormone therapy for men, when prescribed and used properly as we do in our Gilbert, Arizona 4Ever Young Clinic, can improve heart health!

Hormone therapy for men can improve heart health and lower your risk of cardiovascular disease!

What is Hormone Therapy for Men?

It is used to treat age-related hormone decline. It usually involves the use of testosterone replacement medications to increase the levels of testosterone in the body.

Testosterone therapy is typically used to treat low testosterone, a condition also known as hypogonadism or “andropause.” Low testosterone in men can lead to various symptoms, including fatigue, decreased muscle mass, low libido, and erectile dysfunction.

The Truth About Hormone Therapy for Men and Heart Health

In the earliest days of hormone therapy, it was suggested that testosterone therapy could increase the risk of heart disease or sudden cardiac events such as stroke or heart attack. There was even a time when prescription testosterone carried an FDA warning to that effect. However, our Gilbert, AZ, hormone therapy doctors know this is not the case.

In fact, current research seems to indicate that the opposite is true; hormone therapy by way of testosterone replacement can actually lower your risk of stroke or heart attack.

For example, a recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that older men with low testosterone levels who received testosterone therapy had a lower risk of cardiovascular events, including heart attack and stroke, than those who did not receive treatment.

A few years ago, Abraham Morgentaler, MD, the Director of Men’s Health Boston, and his colleagues did a comprehensive meta-analysis, or “study of studies,” that set the record straight on testosterone and heart health. Dr. Morgentaler and colleagues assessed four major studies often used to support the idea that testosterone may cause heart problems. The researchers found that these studies were flawed.

They also pointed to dozens of other smaller studies that found multiple benefits of testosterone replacement for men with low testosterone relating to heart health. For instance, waist circumference, obesity, and fat mass are all risk factors for heart disease, and each of these risk factors is lowered with testosterone therapy.

“There’s no good evidence that we could find that testosterone therapy increases cardiovascular risk,” Dr. Morgentaler said. “That’s not to say it’s perfectly safe. But we cannot find evidence, and the headlines that jumped out on recent retrospective studies appear to be too strong.”

More importantly, Dr. Morgentaler added, “review of the literature clearly reveals a strong relationship between higher serum testosterone concentrations … as being beneficial for a reduction in cardiovascular disease and cardiovascular risk factors.”

Does Hormone Therapy Provide any Other Benefits?

In addition to the benefits on heart health and possibly reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, hormone therapy provides a wealth of other physical benefits, including increased strength and muscle tone, more energy, and weight loss.

Another anti-aging benefit of testosterone therapy is increased sex drive and sexual function. Testosterone plays a crucial role in sexual function, and low testosterone levels can lead to a reduced sex drive and erectile dysfunction.

Testosterone replacement therapy can help improve sexual function and increase libido in men. Hormone therapy even can enhance moods and cognition.

In summary, the benefits of hormone replacement therapy for men are many. Gilbert area men who are considering hormone replacement could expect to see the following:

  • Improved strength and energy.
  • Improved sex drive and sexual function.
  • Weight loss, particularly belly fat.
  • Improved mood.
  • More restful sleep.
  • Improved memory and cognitive function.

However, the only way to achieve all of these benefits is with a proper prescription. Testosterone therapy is only available with a doctor’s prescription.

Hormone Therapy in Gilbert, AZ

Men in Gilbert who are over 45 and would like to look and feel younger need to experience the life-changing benefits of hormone replacement therapy.

At 4Ever Young in Gilbert, AZ, our doctors understand that as men age, their bodies go through a natural decline in hormones which can lead to a variety of physical and emotional changes.

The condition is sometimes called “male menopause” or, more technically, andropause. Like its female counterpart at our Gilbert Men’s Health Clinic, hormone therapy is the best treatment option for men looking to improve their quality of life.

If you are experiencing some trouble in the bedroom, are tired, and are experiencing mood swings or any of the other symptoms of “male menopause,” our prescription hormone therapy can certainly help.

Looking for the Best Hormone Therapy for Men in Gilbert, AZ

Hormone Therapy for Men Gilbert AZ4Ever Young Anti-Aging Solutions has doctors who are quite skilled and experienced in prescribing hormone therapy for men.

In fact, many consider our doctors the best men’s health practitioners in Gilbert and the surrounding areas.

Our Gilbert-based team offers medically supervised hormone therapy for men programs customized to your needs and wellness goals.

Our unique approach to testosterone therapy and all hormone therapies for men is designed to not only help you improve your heart health but also help you lose weight and increase your muscle mass, strength, and energy.

But don’t just take our word for it; follow this link to hear genuine reviews from our hormone therapy patients!

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By Dr Joseph Palumbo | May 12th, 2023