Menopause for Men?! Clear Signs That Indicate You’re There

Eye-opening signs that you have testosterone deficiency and how an Andropause Treatment in Aventura can help

Andropause Treatment Aventura FLYes, you read that right—men have menopause too.

It is a known fact that their hormones begin to decline as people age. This very event triggers certain changes in one’s health and physique.

For males, it is their testosterones that become lower as they become older. Unfortunately, low testosterone levels not only affect how a man looks but also impact their entire lifestyle.

So if you think only women experience mood swings, sleep problems, and hot flashes as they enter their golden age—you are wrong.

In this article, learn about the telltale signs of testosterone deficiency and how andropause treatment can help.

“It’s important to remember that andropause isn’t directly parallel to menopause: not every man loses the ability to reproduce completely and not all men experience dangerously low testosterone levels.”

What is Andropause?

Men do not actually have ‘menopause.’ They experience “andropause,” which refers to the symptoms men experience when their testosterone production levels decrease with age.

Men do not necessarily have to become seniors to experience this phenomenon because, in fact, testosterone levels begin to decline, and symptoms associated with andropause start to appear as early as 40 years old.

Andropause also has other clinical terms, including androgen deficiency, testosterone deficiency syndrome, and hypogonadism.

Signs and Symptoms of Andropause

If you are a 50-year-old male looking at yourself in the mirror and wondering, “am I experiencing andropause?” this section might be an eye-opener for you. Some signs could indicate if one is experiencing testosterone deficiency. Check them out below:

  1. Fatigue
    This is one of the most common signs of having low T. It is as if you do not have enough energy because you feel too exhausted or drained to do anything.

  2. Depression
    You may have low testosterone levels if you feel down and incredibly weary. Testosterone affects the regulation of one’s mood—so if it is dangerously low, a man can experience feelings of sadness, anxiety, emptiness, anger, or irritability.

  3. Decreased libido and infertility
    When it comes to maintaining sex drive and function, a man’s testosterone plays a vital role. If your libido is lower than it should be, it might be difficult for you to engage in any sexual activity or even reproduce.

  4. Erectile dysfunction
    Having a low T can cause erectile dysfunction. This occurs when one cannot maintain an erection. Furthermore, it can even cause a declined sperm count.

  5. Sleep problems and disturbances
    Testosterone also plays a role in regulating one’s sleep patterns. A declining testosterone level may lead to sleep disorders or disturbances such as insomnia. Lack of sleep may cause a person to be irritable, easily angry, and have a reduced ability to focus.

  6. Decreased bone density
    Testosterone is needed to maintain proper bone density. When you start to experience andropause, the bones may become less dense and may lead to issues like osteoporosis.

  7. Increased body fat
    Increased body fat, particularly abdominal fat, may serve as a cause or effect of andropause. Testosterone is needed to slow down the body’s buildup of body fat, so when its production levels are low, more fat can be accumulated in the middle area of the body.

    Remember that any of these symptoms may also be related to other issues and are not always a direct result of andropause. However, if you want to make sure, there is no harm in consulting a doctor or a medical professional.

Why Some Men Experience Testosterone Deficiency (and why others do not)

As mentioned above, low testosterone levels are a normal part of aging. It may be due to the testicular function having changes or the hypothalamic-pituitary glands dysfunctioning. At 40, men’s testosterone levels begin to drop 1 to 3% a year.

Many older men still have testosterone levels that are within the appropriate range for their age, but around 10-25% of males will have low levels. These are the men that often experience the symptoms and are therefore recommended to take further testing.

How Andropause Can Affect Your Life

You recently discovered that you have symptoms of low testosterone levels. Should you worry?

Experiencing andropause is not a life-and-death matter but may be troublesome. The symptoms alone show how this condition can impact someone’s life and affect their daily activities.

When a man’s testosterone level production declines, his health may begin to deteriorate, hindering him from experiencing a better quality of life. This occurrence cannot be totally prevented, but there are ways how to combat its progression.

Andropause treatment: how this could help reverse the effects of men’s ‘menopause’

Andropause Treatment Aventura FLIf you believe you have reached the andropause stage and it’s beginning to affect your day-to-day life, it’s time to see a doctor. There will be many ways that a doctor can recommend to treat the condition, but the bottom line is this: the testosterone levels must be increased.

One particular way to resolve andropause symptoms is by undergoing hormone replacement therapy. This procedure will replace the testosterone levels and relieve the symptoms brought about by testosterone deficiency.

Although some are concerned that undergoing this treatment may not be ideal for aging men, it has been proven to be effective by a lot of people. Furthermore, an andropause treatment also involves thorough monitoring and assessment by a doctor.

Every patient’s condition is unique and is treated as such. With the help of experienced medical professionals and advanced diagnostic technology, the doctors will determine the patient’s symptoms, goals, and needs. They will formulate a treatment plan that will be best for him.

Turn to an Andropause Treatment Clinic in Aventura Now!

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By Itzamarie Cintron Diaz | November 19th, 2022