Facial with Dermapen ASAP

This is the latest technology for skin rejuvenation involving regenerative medicine. It is a combination treatment of the Dermapen and your own stem cells. The Dermapen itself is an innovative micro-needling instrument that creates micro-channels into the skin. This stimulates your immune response to help it rebuild collagen and elastin. Claudia uses the patient’s own stem cells and growth factors from their blood, where she then distributes them to the area needed. The Dermapen and stem cell treatment is cumulative as it rebuilds the skin itself from the inside out, which results in smoother, firmer, and brighter glowing skin!
This Anti-aging treatment is perfect for all skin types because it does not involve heat whatsoever. There is no chance of rejection or an allergic reaction occurring due to the fact that the stem cells are coming directly from your own blood.

Stem Cell Brightening Facial

This specialty facial is packed with hydrating, brightening, and moisturizing techniques that give the skin the perfect glow for any event. The Stem Cell Brightening Facial involves deep cleansing, derma-planing, and lymphatic drainage with the stem cell skincare. Claudia ends this facial by using a brightening mask, which gives the skin that luminous and youthful glow as desired.

Purifying Facial

Free radicals are various stressors that can aggravate the skin’s condition. It is important to detoxify the skin to keep it healthy. The Purifying Facial includes deep cleansing, light glycolic or salicylic acid, extended extractions, high frequency to kill bacteria, lymphatic drainage massage and a tailored mask for your own skin’s needs.

Men’s Executive Facial

Men’s skincare needs are distinctly different than women’s. Biologically, men have 15{045f5bc0d8a1f228d347d57dfe34674cfc40bca44f06f79876598b631c0a86e2} more oil than women due to their thicker, outer layer. The Man’s Executive Facial includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, mild extractions, face and neck massage, and high frequency to kill bacteria. This facial also includes a tailored mask and brow grooming.